Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok I think I am giving up the blog

I just can't keep up with my blog... OBVIOUSLY!!! But for any one who is wondering we had a beautiful baby girl on Feb 27th 2010. Callie McKenzie came right on her due date! We are too busy loving her to pieces and we have had a lot of changes in the past few months. In addition to a new baby, we sold our house and closed just a week before Callie was born. We are now in the process of moving to South Carolina, building a new house, and finding new jobs. We are so so happy :-) Maybe I will get back to my blog when things calm down :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Half Way Point

Today is October 11th and I am officially half way done with this pregnancy :-) I keep hearing good things about 20 weeks but I am still sick. The doctor said if I am still sick now I will likely be sick the entire time. I really hope that's not the case though. Here is the official update:

* How far along?: 20 weeks
* Due date?: Feb 27, 2010
* Total weight gain: I still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant so no weight gain
* How big is baby?: About the size of a cantaloupe
* Will you find out the sex of the baby? We still haven't decided if we want to find out but we both think it's a boy. Our ultrasound to find out will be Oct 29.

* Movement?: Yes! I started feeling the baby move around 16 weeks.
* Food cravings?: I have been craving bloody mary mix, and I still like ranch dressing

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flooding in Georgia

In case you haven't heard, Georgia has gotten some rain. Make that, A LOT of rain! I honestly feel like it has rained for almost a month straight. And if I have to hear one more person say "oh but we NEED that rain"... let me correct you we, NEEDED the rain. I think we are good on the rain. Last weekend some parts of Georgia received 15inches of rain on Sunday alone which resulted in massive flooding. While I was in the hospital Miles was at our house playing Water Ranger, trying to keep things from being overtaken by the water. The water on the street our complex is off was WAIST HIGH on Miles and he had to wade through it several times because it was too deep to drive the car through. We did get some water in the house and Miles stayed up until 3:30AM and used all the towels we have (which was about 20 towels, who knew we had so many) to try to keep the water contained. We do have some damage to the wood floors which is disappointing since we worked really hard putting them in ourselves last summer and the house is on the market. We haven't decided if they are bad enough to try to replace yet. All in all we were very fortunate not the have more damage. Several houses in the complex had extensive damage including the home next to ours which has gutted half of their first floor. Here are some pictures other people have taken of the flooding.
This is the driveway to a walking trail near our house

A road destroyed by water

Atlanta is flooding! Hope everyone is okay :(
Atlanta is flooding! Hope everyone is okay :(

A Little Trip To the ER

On Monday afternoon I was feeling really sick. Just achy and nauseous and tired. Well all those feelings were soon replaced by an incredible pain in my abdomen. Unfortunately as the pain got worse so did the weather. In case you hadn't heard it's been raining here in Georgia for practically the last month. I finally gave in and decided to go to the Emergency Room. When you work 40 hours a week in the hospital, you have to feel REALLY bad to go to the hospital when you aren't at work. It took us almost an hour to get to the hospital because of the rain and flooding and there were trees down everywhere. The ER took forever as usual and they didn't have much information for me. They would do an ultrasound and make sure the baby was ok as well as some blood work and a few other tests. The good news is the baby is doing well. It looks so much bigger than the last time we had an ultrasound at only 10 weeks. Also even though we aren't sure we want to find out, they looked and looked to see if they could tell if baby Majure is a girl or boy and I felt to lousy to argue. No luck for all you curious folks, the baby would not cooperate. I think not cooperating is this baby's theme. So if they baby looks good, what is causing all this pain??? They were worried it might be my appendix! They decided to keep me overnight to monitor me but let me go home the next morning. Their grand diagnosis?? Round ligament pain. It's hard for me to believe that ligaments could be causing me so much pain but the doctor told me it would feel kind of like I had pulled all the ligaments in my pelvis. That's about right. It's been about a week and I'm feeling much better. The morning sickness is still hanging on however. I am really looking forward to feeling "normal" again. I hope it doesn't take until February for that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who Knows Half Your Life

Who knows half your life? Maybe you've never thought about it but you've probably done it. Here's an example. Maybe there is someone you are close to at work. Their life in pretty interesting and you talk about them to your best friend who lives in Las Vegas. As time goes by your Las Vegas friend knows more and more about your work friend... who she's dating, what he does, where they met, what she likes to do in her spare time, that she's now engaged and that her wedding will be in her home town and she's having 8 bridesmaids. All of a sudden this person who she's never met in Las Vegas knows half her life. So have you ever wondered about the people out there who know half your life?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Sickness UGH!

By far the worst part of the pregnancy so far has been the morning sickness. Right now I am going into my 15th week (about 3 1/2 months for those who don't count in weeks) and I have already lost about 10 pounds! They really don't like you to lose any weight while you are pregnant. They finally called me in a prescription for Zofran, an anti nausea medication to help with the morning sickness. Honestly, I don't know why they don't just write you a prescription for Zofran as soon as you tell them you are pregnant. The medicine has been really helpful and Zofran is in the safest category of pregnancy medications. When I asked the nurse about it she said "well it can have some side effects, it can make you tired". Really?? I'm throwing up in the parking lot on the way to work and you are worried about me being tired??? Anyway now that I am in my second trimester I am really hoping to start feeling better, I think I may be turing that corner.

I haven't really been eating much but here is what I started craving this week.
That's right! Tombstone Pizza

We're Pregnant!

Miles and I are excited to announce that we are going to be expecting our first baby February 27th 2010! We found out that we were pregnant in June the day before father's day. Right now I am almost 15 weeks and safely in my second trimester. I am really looking forward to the end of this morning sickness. We have had two ultrasounds and today we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. So far everything is looking good and we are hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Stats So Far

* How far along?: Almost 15 weeks

* Due date?: Feb 27, 2010

* Total weight gain: Ha so for -10 thanks to morning sickness

* How big is baby?: Almost the size of a lemon

* Food cravings?: When I am feeling good all I'm all about the chicken nuggets and for some weird reason salad and dressing. Dressing was never my thing before.

* Will you find out the sex of the baby? We aren't sure. I want it to be a surprise but Miles wants to find out.

I'll post some belly pics when there is something to see. Right now I think I am the only one who can tell.

We're pregnant June 20th 2009!

Our 10 week ultrasound